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The latest Brother PJ-800 mobile printer is their most efficient portable device to date, with a raft of new features from faster print speeds to enhanced battery performance. Using direct thermal technology, the PJ-800 series offers compact printing solutions perfect for customers who work on the move. It’s the perfect partner for salespeople when printing invoices and receipts, logbook printouts and even Gas safety (CP-12) certificates. And for the public sector, the range can cover patient and incident reports, warning notices and ambulance patient handovers. For extra convenience, the majority of model accessories are compatible with the new range, meaning existing customers can upgrade their PJ-700 printer without having to re-invest.

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Why choose the Brother PJ-800 series mobile printer?

Companies today are striving to differentiate themselves from the competition and are therefore investing in technologies which will increase worker productivity and improve customer satisfaction. Brother’s mobile printing solutions are about more than just printing on the go. They can free workforces to complete a process or finish a job by providing professional documentation – on the spot, wherever their work takes them.

Brother has the most advanced line up of mobile printers on the market, featuring models which are small, lightweight and versatile enough to be carried in a bag or mounted in a car.

The benefits of printing on the move:

  • Complete paperwork on the spot to complete a task
  • Issue professional quality documents
  • Remove errors and poor legibility by replacing manual, hand-written documents
  • Improve professionalism and customer service
  • Reduce processing time and costs
  • Replace the need to sign and send documents back to central office for printing.

Field Sales

Exceed customer expectations by using the PJ-800 series printer while on the move or on site. Busy field sales professionals are able to print whatever is required at the their customers’ premises without having to communicate back to the office, giving them more time to visit other customers.

Tattoo Artists

The PJ-800 series is completely portable and fits neatly in a drawer or travel case. So it is perfect for travelling, conventions and studios. Its direct thermal printing technology ensures reliable quality, whatever the conditions or environment. Whilst printing, it also recognises change of tones, so during tattooing, you will be able to see areas that change tone/shade clearly, instead of outlines.

Field Service

Mobile engineers are able to increase efficiency and accuracy by leaving hard copies of documents while on the move, and reduce the risk of any future queries.

Public Services

When used together with the vehicle mount & car charger, they have proved to be the perfect in-vehicle solution for the Police, Ambulance and Fire Services on a global scale. By printing medical documents and penalty fines on demand they can reduce the risk of clerical errors saving officers and medical staff valuable time.

Logistics & Deliveries

Print a wide range of documents while on the road, in the truck or at your customer’s premises. The fast print speed is ideal for busy delivery drivers with hectic schedules.

Key features and benefits

When investigating the options for mobile print technology, thermal printers as the only true

and reliable solution for field professionals. Printers using direct thermal technology produce an image by heating specially coated thermal paper. When the paper passes over the thermal print head, the coating turns black in the areas where it is heated, producing an image.

At just 26 cm wide and weighing approximately 480g (excluding battery), the PJ-800 series offers a true A4 mobile solution that fits easily into a briefcase or computer bag, and can be mounted in vehicles or other work spaces. A4 size is ideal for printing documents where detailed information is required, such as invoices, service reports and delivery notes.

There is also a full range of accessories available, allowing the PJ-800 series to be fully customised as needed.

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