Schools and centres of education mean an abundance of admin work. With hundreds of pupils and staff there are often very large demands for printing and copying. Students need learning resources printed out or copied from textbooks, teachers need to be able to make copies of materials, and students need to be able to print out work.

School office supplies that never let you down

With so many uses and requirements, machines need to be high quality and durable. With such a demanding workload, any small defects can quickly lead to a breakdown or error. And when your machines go down, it can really cause a problem. This is particularly true in the office spaces that keep the everyday operations of a school ticking over. With so much admin to do, and jobs that keep piling up, if your printers and copiers go down, this can result in a collapse of the working system.

As with commercial business environments, any downtime can be critical, not necessarily for profit margins but for the efficient and effective running of the organisation. That’s why here at V Technical we offer special services for schools and education institutions. We sell both new and refurbished equipment made by the leading suppliers, or there is the option to lease machines if a purchase is not what is required.

Sales, leasing, service and maintenance – we do it all

In addition to the supply of equipment, we can also provide service and maintenance to make sure that your machines are kept in good working order. Plus, if there are any issues or breakdowns, we’ll be on hand quickly to reduce downtime and ensure you’re up and running again in the shortest possible time.

Speak to a member of our team to find out more about our school services and how we can help you to work in a more efficient way.

Supplying Machines for Schools

One of our core client groups are local schools and education institutions. From learning resources to parent letters, there are thousands of reasons a school needs reliable printers and copiers, and that’s’ why we’ve built up decades worth of experience in supplying them. Get in touch to find out more about our school services.

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