V Technical Photocopier Installation for Whitemills Aqua Park’s Big Event

At V Technical, we pride ourselves on our agility and dedication to our clients’ needs. Last Friday afternoon, we received an urgent call from The Whitemills Aqua Park. As they prepare to host the European and African Wakeboard Open Championship next week, their printer was struggling to manage the extensive paperwork required for the event. Recognising the importance of this prestigious championship, we immediately sprang into action to ensure they had the reliable printing solution they needed.

By Saturday morning, we had installed a Ricoh 30-page-per-minute colour copier at their site, demonstrating the benefits of being a small, agile business capable of quick responses and rapid deployments.

Overcoming Installation Challenges

The photocopier installation wasn’t without its difficulties; the access to the location was incredibly tight, posing a significant challenge for our team. However, our experienced technicians navigated the constraints expertly, ensuring that the copier was set up and fully operational in time for the event preparations.

About V Technical

At V Technical, we specialise in photocopier and printer sales, service, and repair across the South East. We are committed to providing local schools and businesses in Kent, Sussex, and Essex with top-quality new and refurbished office equipment and supplies. Our swift response and excellent service at The Whitemills Aqua Park is just one example of how we support our clients in maintaining smooth operations, no matter the challenge.

Whether it’s a high-stakes event like the European and African Wakeboard Open Championship or the day-to-day needs of our local schools and businesses, V Technical is always ready to provide prompt, reliable solutions. Our recent photocopier installation at Whitemills Aqua Park underscores our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Thank you to The Whitemills Aqua Park for trusting us with this critical task. We are thrilled to have been a part of ensuring their event runs smoothly and wish them the best of luck with the championship next week!